Time Out Of Mind 15

Timed Out Of Mind

Richard Gere is cast against type as a homeless man drifting around New York in this ‘small miracle of a movie’ – a gritty, socially conscious look at life on the margins from director Oren Moverman (Rampart, The Messenger).

Gere is George, a man recently evicted from his squat and thrown onto the unforgiving streets of a cold, isolating urban landscape. With nowhere to go, he bounces from abandoned apartments to hospital waiting rooms to homeless shelters and government offices, occasionally meeting with his one good friend (Ben Vereen) and attempting to reconnect with his daughter (Jena Malone). Little by little, his backstory is pieced together, and George sees the thing he has to hold onto most in his life is, ultimately, himself.

Shot with hidden cameras and long lenses, we watch as the world ignores George (and Richard Gere) – powerfully highlighting the stark truth about the invisibility of homelessness but also, at times, the humanity we can all find in the most surprising of places.