Racing Extinction
Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction

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Please note: This was screened in June 2016

Louie Psihoyos
Elon Musk, Joel Sartore, Louie Psihoyos
90 mins, 2015, USA | China | Hong Kong | Indonesia | Mexico | UK | Japan

Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembles a team of artists and activists to show the world never-before-seen images that expose issues around endangered species and mass extinction. Whether infiltrating notorious black markets or exploring our affect on the environment, Racing Extinction, will change the way we see the world.

This highly charged, impassioned collective is out to expose the two major threats to endangered wild species across the globe. The first comes from the international wildlife trade, and the bogus medicinal cures and tonics that are marketed to the public at the expense of creatures who have survived on this planet for millions of years. The second threat is all around us, hiding in plain sight. It is a hidden world of carbon emissions and acidified oceans that are incompatible with existing animal life. It is a world, revealed with state-of-the-art photographic technology, that oil and gas companies don’t want us to see.

Director Louie Psihoyos has crafted an ambitious mission to clearly and artfully pull into focus our impact on the planet, while inspiring us all to embrace the solutions that will ensure a thriving, biodiverse world for future generations.

With an introduction by Lizzie Green, director of the Natural History Network.

Presented in partnership with the Natural History Network and screening as part of Bristol Big Green Week.

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