Experiments in Aesthetics

Experiments in Aesthetics

Cinema Rediscovered 2016


Please note: This event took place in July 2016

Programmer and film critic Tara Judah presents an illustrated journey through tantalising textures on film. Though the cinema screen is flat, we often think about it as a window onto another world, or a mirror that reflects our lives. But it's also a surface bursting with life. Beyond colour and concept lies texture and materiality.

Embark on an illustrated journey through the texture of film, exploring the surfaces - and the spaces beyond - of five exciting and unusual short films. From formally structuralist to abstract and decoded images, and with a bit of comedy for good measure, each film in this programme thinks through the way in which artists work specifically with either the materiality of film prints, the pixelated pleasures of the digital realm and the cinema space itself to create beauty, provocation, sensory bliss and confusion.

Travelling across continents the program will include an 16mm optical film print of Flyscreen from Australian experimental filmmaker Richard Tuohy and a digital interrogation of the archive from structuralist code artist Babara Lattanzi with 'soft demo of Optical De-dramatization Engine (O.D.E.) applied in 15 hour cycles to Ma-Xu Weibang's... Song at Midnight'. The program also features three films from the LIMA archive in the Netherlands; and the image gazes back by Belit Sag (2014), Establishing Eden by Margit Lukas and Persijn Broersen (2016), and Douwe Dijkstra’s Voor Film (2015).

** Some of the films include flashing imagery.