Elle 18 (S)


Dutch provocateur Paul Verhoeven returns with his most daring work yet: a controversial (and Golden Globe-winning) thriller about one woman's response to a violent attack. As recommended by the Toronto Film Festival, be warned in advance that you may be disturbed - but you are definitely in the hands of a film master.

Screen icon Isabelle Huppert (check out our Sunday Brunches for more of her great performances) stars as Michele, the director of a gaming company who is raped in her own home by a masked attacker. But rather than rush to the police, she shrugs off the terrifying incident, locks the door after her attacker and gets on with her busy life. When her attacker threatens a return visit, however, she soon becomes entangled in a strange and twisted game.

Huppert gives a terrific, Oscar®-nominated performance in a film that is by turns funny, shocking, twisty and twisted that will upset some people (not that Verhoeven cares) - and cause a lot of discussion.

Please note that this film contains scenes some viewers may find disturbing