The Eyes of My Mother 15

The Eyes of My Mother

A young woman explores her morbid curiosities in this beautifully photographed but brutal slice of Lynchian horror.

Francisca (Kika Magalhães) learns about death at a young age, with her surgeon mother teaching her how to kill and cut up cows. When their serene existence is shattered by a violent encounter, it leaves her profoundly disturbed, and as she enters adulthood her deeply rooted trauma begins blooming with a psychotic beauty.

Gorgeously shot in black and white, this is a delicately gothic film about what loneliness does to people, and how relationships can go so, so wrong. A dream (or nightmare?) come true for horror fans, it's sure to creep up on you and invade your dreams. Beware...

Screening with DepicT! '16 winner Pig Dream

(Dir: Lee Charlish, UK, 90 secs)