Raw 18 (S)


Following in the footsteps of both her parents and older sister, animal-loving vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) enrols in veterinary college. Entering a seductive world of boys, drugs and all-night parties, the diligent freshman remains committed to her studies. But when she is forced to eat raw meat during an elaborate hazing ritual, a dormant hunger is awakened within her and soon an insatiable appetite for flesh takes over.

With an abundance of subtext to sink your teeth into, this feminist teen cannibal tale oozes with provocative, youthful exuberance. A deeply tactile, even physical experience, some scenes are often uncomfortable to witness. But debut director Julia Ducournau laces her exercise in body horror with a caustic streak of dark humour, making it as perversely enjoyable as it is gleefully grisly. A truly singular coming of age fable… with extra bite!

Screening with DepicT! '16 audience award winner Run Boy (Dir: Meg Bagadion, Philippines, 90 secs)