Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio

Kings Cross (Remix)

Kings Cross (Remix)

Lunchtime Talks are a series of informal presentations at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio. They normally take place at 13:00 on a Friday, are free and are open to everybody who is interested in what they do. Come along, bring a sandwich, and get to know more about the Studio community, current and up-coming projects, or residents' work.

How voicing stories of the past can enable younger generations to claim spaces of autonomy.

In studio resident Tom Marshman's latest show Kings Cross (REMIX) he has brought to light testimonies of hidden histories in the Kings Cross area in London. It is an area that has undergone radical change since its days as an underground hub of LGBTQ communities. The show celebrates a time when rights were being fought for and AIDS was causing tragedy.

In this Lunchtime Talk Tom will present a case that voicing these stories, can enable a younger generation to strive to claim spaces of autonomy and also the knowledge around the HIV virus can enable stigma to be reduced. At this time people really talked (although partying hard) and would be fully prepared to engage in a political conversation and that was part of their party experience and very much wrapped up in their politics and their identity. Tom is keen to explore what younger generations can take on board from these testimonies.

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Tom will be performing his show on Wed 5 and Thu 6 April at the Wardrobe Theatre. Tickets are only £8.00 - we really recommend you check it out!