If I Think of Germany at Night 15 (S)

If I Think of Germany at Night

Fans of electronic dance music know that Germany remains one of the greatest producers of techno in the world, and that visiting Berlin's infamous nightspot Berghain is the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) equivalent of going on a pilgrimage.

Director Romuald Karmakar hammers that point home in his documentary about the German electronic music scene, by focusing on five major DJs who are keeping Teutonic techno alive and well. Speaking - and sometimes freely associating - about the music they make and its evolution over the past decades, international stars (Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, Ata Macias, Roman Flügel and Move D/David Moufang) take us behind the turntables to reveal the methods to their madness.

In between eloquent thoughts from the musicians in interviews, quiet observations of them at work at their DJ home, and images of sweating masses at raves, a selective image gradually and very quietly emerges of a music scene in transition.