Manhattan 12A


For many, this paean to New York - and to the mystifying thing called love - remains Woody Allen's most enduring achievement, a love letter from a hometown hero that remains one of Allen's most successful explorations of his enduring themes: complex relationships, compromised romances, and his own creative processes.

42-year old TV writer Isaac (Allen) is a tangle of confused emotions: anxious about a potentially embarassing upcoming book by his ex-wife (Meryl Streep); bemused as to why his happily married best friend is seeing a seemingly arrogant Philadelphian (Diane Keaton); and wondering whether he himself should continue dating the considerably younger Tracy.

Allen's insightful exploration of love, loyalty and betrayal seamlessly interweaves comedy and serious drama: the romance (gloriously evident in this new digital print scanned from the original camera negative) is enhanced by the ravishing black and white cinematography and George Gershwin's gorgeous music.