The Levelling 15

The Levelling

Rising star of UK filmmaking (she was named one of the Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International) Hope Dickson Leach directs her first feature, an intense family drama set on the Somerset Levels.

After her brother Harry dies, Clover (Ellie Kendrick) returns to her family farm in Somerset, where she finds her estranged father is a shell of his former self and the farm is in shambles and uninhabitable due to the floods that destroyed the area six months earlier. As she uncovers what has been going on while she has been away she and her father forge a new precarious understanding, but can it withstand the troubles that they face on the ravaged farm as well as the truth of what drove Harry to take his own life? Leach directs a thoughtful portrayal of the disintegration of a family and its legacy fading away.