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Celebrating Orton: Entertaining Mr Sloane 15

entertaining mr sloane

We celebrate British playwright Joe Orton; 50 years after he passed away, the same year as the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality with a 30th Anniversary showing of Prick Up Your Ears (with thanks to Park Circus) and a brand new restoration of Entertaining Mr Sloane (with thanks to STUDIOCANAL)

This black comedy from Douglas Hickox based on the 1964 play of the same title by Joe Orton (whose life is the subject of Prick Up Your Ears, also screening as part of the Festival) sees a woman and her closeted brother both fall for the enigmatic Mr. Sloane.

Kath (Beryl Reid) is a lonely, middle-aged woman living in London with her ageing father. When she meets the attractive Mr. Sloane (Peter McEnery), she is immediately enamoured, and invites him to become her lodger. Despite the age gap, she seduces him, but their fun seems over when Kath's brother Ed (Harry Andrews) shows up and falls for his charms - and the plot thickens when their father accuses Sloane of being involved in an old, unsolved murder...

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Before the screening, Jo Bligh from THORNY will be in conversation with Mike O'Callaghan & Robert Howes from Outstories Bristol, a project recording the lives of LGBT+ people in Bristol, to find out more about their experiences of living pre- and post- 1967; the year Joe Orton passed away and that homosexuality was partly decriminalised.