Cinema Rediscovered 2017

Preview: Born in Flames 15

born in flames

Independent filmmaker, artist and critic Lizzie Borden made her feature debut with this bold and brilliant fusion of sci fi and feminist politics, a comic fantasy of female rebellion that we welcome to Bristol for this extremely rare screening.

It's 10 years after a socialist revolution in the United States, and the leader of the Woman's Army is mysteriously killed, setting off a seemingly impossible coalition of women - crossing all lines of race, class, and sexual preference - to take down The System. Whistle blowing female bicyclists swoop down on would-be rapists, male construction workers protest that their female colleagues are monopolising the best jobs, and there are funny and thrilling encounters between groups of women ranging from militant black lesbians to white punks.

The film that heralded the arrival of Queer Cinema covers a huge range of radical feminist ideas and was a who's who of the New York scene, with a cast that includes Ron Vawter and a very young Kathryn Bigelow. There's still nothing like it...

Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with restoration funding by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation. Distributed by Cinenova.

With an introduction and discussion hosted by film critic/curator Tara Judah with writer/curator Karen Alexander, author Sophie Mayer and film programmer Muffin Hix.