Cary Grant Statue
The Cary Grant Statue on Millennium Square

Cinema Walk

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Cinema Rediscovered 2017


Please note: This event took place in July 2017

Bristol has a rich cinema history both on and off the screen, and over the course of last 70 years it has established itself as a creative hub for film and television. Just as Cinema Rediscovered aims to put our filmic past back on the big screen, so too must we take a moment to reflect on the film history that is woven through the streets of Bristol.

Join Dr Peter Walsh on a guided tour through the city centre, looking at the icons, establishments, and the crumbling ruins of Bristol’s filmic past. From the actuality documentaries shot by Mitchell & Kenyon in 1902 to the recent big budget television productions of Doctor Who and Sherlock, how Bristol is seen and represented has changed drastically over the years. How Bristolians go to the cinema has also changed, and our cityscape is still marked by the buildings that once served our cinematic appetites.

The tour will take just under two hours, covering a distance of two miles, and will begin and end at Watershed Box Office. It will carry on come rain or shine, so please bring what clothing you need to make the tour comfortable! We aim to make the tour as accessible as possible, and there will not be any stairs on the route.

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