Cinema Rediscovered 2017

A Journey Through French Cinema 12A (S)

A journey through french cinema

Celebrated French director Bertrand Tavernier, known for films rich in cultural and social commentary (Round Midnight, The Clockmaker), invites us on an insightful and entertaining voyage through his country's cinema.

Tavernier is matched only by Scorsese for his enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, brought to life through a selection of wonderful clips that he comments on with historical insight and aesthetic precision.

Starting from the earliest films seen as a budding cinephile to his own work as a filmmaker and personal connections, he expertly leads you through the legendary (Renoir), iconic (Godard) and cult (Melville) auteurs to sadly much forgotten figures (such as Jacques Becker) from the 1930s through to the 1970s.

There are plenty of treats including a behind the scenes audio clip of an explosive argument between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Melville and an appearance from Cannes Film Festival and Lumière Institute head honcho Thierry Frémaux.

With thanks to STUDIOCANAL.

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