Human 12A (S)


In this astonishing documentary French photographer and environmental activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand brings together stories of extreme experience, filmed worldwide over three years, to create a passionate, challenging and stunningly visual account of what it means to alive today.

Having won major international awards and so far been seen by over 60 million people globally, Human has made a huge impact. Drawing on the experience of over two thousand people in 60 countries the film creates intimate contact with extraordinary lives, where personal testimony transcends individual circumstance with rare sincerity, wisdom and humanity. Moreover the stunning cinematography and production values offer a powerful antidote to conventional media representations of Otherness.

In France Human opened in 500 cinemas, and France 2 television devoted an entire day to the film and its themes. Local councils in over 600 towns and villages organised screenings and debates. This engagement is being repeated across the world. So join us to experience this remarkable film and the issues it raises, not all of them comfortable or familiar.