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Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel - Built in Unity for Oculus Rift

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

Virtual Reality Sessions


Please note: This event took place in June 2017

Live through the memories of a rebel in Dublin's 1916 Republican uprising in the 'genre-defining' (Broadcast Magazine) Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, one of the BBC's first VR documentaries.

The Easter Rising was the last uprising on British soil. It became increasingly chaotic and bloody, culminating after six days with the rebels surrendering. Hundreds of British soldiers, civilians and rebels died.

Director Oscar Raby (who is widely regarded in the VR industry as one of its trailblazers) and his team set out to make the piece after coming across a cassette recording of an elderly Irish man talking through his role in the Easter Rising when he was just 19 years old. Those words became the backbone of the piece, with the recording being voiced by actor Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, War Horse, Childhood of a Leader).

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel comes at a time when the shape of our nation has re-emerged onto the UK agenda: engaging with our past is as important as ever. By choosing to not attempt a photorealistic period reconstruction of the rising, Voice of a Rebel's style explores the personal, fragmented nature of memory, and helps us place the notions of truth and perspective into the collective story of a nation.