Queer Vision 2017

Miles 18 (CTBA)


Inspiring, heart-warming and vividly detailed, this is an incredibly funny and moving film based on a true story.

Out and proud student Miles (Tim Boardman) is desperate to escape small town America by moving to the big city to enrol in film school. But his dreams are shattered by the sudden death of his father - leaving the family bankrupt, as he had secretly squandered Miles’ college fund on a mistress. Desperate for a way out, Miles discovers a volleyball scholarship between his high school and a Chicago University. There’s just one catch - the only volleyball team that exists at his school is for girls.

Filmed on a small budget Miles stars a powerful cast including Molly Shannon (Never Been Kissed), Missi Pyle (Gone Girl) and Ethan Phillips (Star Trek) and is filled with fun 90s nostalgia, sci-fi nods and comedy moments. Miles is a real breath of fresh air - to witness a gay teenager so comfortable in his skin at 17 is wonderfully refreshing. Highly recommended.