The Human Surge 18 (CTBA) (S)

The Human Surge

A film of the month in the latest edition of Sight&Sound, this wildly original debut from director Eduardo Williams follows the lives of mostly young men in disparate parts of the world (Argentina, Mozambique and the Philippines) who are bored by (or released from) their jobs and seeking fulfilment elsewhere.

Technology (internet connections, production lines, social media, recording devices) plays a key role in the film, not only producing its various textures (some shots are on a pocket Blackmagic, others are on 16mm film and the RED camera), but also in connecting and alienating its characters as we follow every small detail of their rootless lives and the rhythms of their days.

Winding, wondrous, magical and mysterious, this stunning film tracks a constantly evolving world, one with different looks and textures but similar concerns and ways of existence. A welcome arrival of a bold new talent.