Centre of My World 15 (S)

Centre of My World

This stunning adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s novel portrays a young man coming of age, discovering his sexuality and falling in love.

Twins Phil and Dianne shared an unconventional childhood, living in an overgrown fairytale mansion, in a small German village raised by their eccentric mother. Returning from summer camp high-schooler Phil faces tensions at home with his first foray into love with heartthrob Nicholas, who seduces him in a steamy school shower scene. Along with his wild friend Kat the three embark on a joyful summer that perfectly captures those magical moments of teenage lives - but things are not all as they seem. Infatuated Phil struggles to work out exactly who is the centre of his world.

Joyful, funny and moving this is for everyone who has ever looked for love, found it, or can’t figure out exactly what to do with it.

In partnership with Queer Vision, the Bristol Pride Film Festival.

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