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Matatu Kitchen
Image credit: Emli Bendixen

Matatu Kitchen

Watershed Food & Drink Week

Join The Matatu Kitchen for an evening of East African feasting and four courses of delicious modern Swahili and Somali food in an event full of fresh flavours and great atmosphere.

The Matatu Kitchen started out from a shared love of East African Food between two friends Edwina Bruford and Fozia Ismail. Named after the Matatu - the vibrant and noisy minibuses seen on the streets of Nairobi and elsewhere in East Africa – these buses are particularly famous for their colourful decorations, great music, lively conversation and chaotic driving. A distinct and unique aspect of East African life that Edwina and Fozia aim to convey through their delicious food and the vibrant, friendly atmosphere at their events. Hopefully minus the chaos!

Their Matatu Kitchen adventure has taken them on some interesting journeys exploring the role of food and politics and they can't wait for you to join them at this special pop up event in our Café/Bar to experience the wonderful flavours and learn about some of the history behind this amazing food.