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Carib-Asian Recipes and Rhymes

Carib-Asian Recipes and Rhymes

Watershed Food & Drink Week

We are delighted to welcome back husband and wife team Pat Hart and Sherrie Eugene-Hart as they cook a selection of dishes from their new book The Carib-Asian Cookery Book: Recipes and Rhymes.

Experience an East-meets-West cultural culinary adventure as we take you on a journey from the Indian sub-continent to the Caribbean with explosive, mouth-watering results. Pat and Sherrie’s fusion food is based on recipes from their respective mums Ruth and Rita. They've blended flavours, fused ideas and come up with a culinary twist they've dubbed Carib-Asian.

Imagine the vibrancy and colour of a bustling food bazaar in uptown Calcutta, fuse it with the sumptuous spice aromas of a West Indian market, and feel the pulsating vibration of Calypso and Bangrah rhythms echoing through the air.

Join us to enjoy an array of Carib-Asian tapas dishes including Masala Lamb, Coconut and Coriander Chicken; Ackee and Saltfish on Paratha; beetroot and mooli slaw with chilli garlic dressing; aubergine, sweet Aloo and Sag Curry; and Jolfry - a cabbage onion and pepper dish. Pat and Sherrie will also be sharing the trade secrets that have inspired their cooking whilst offering generous portions of food full of flavour for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. If you’re not sure about Caribbean or Asian food, this is your opportunity to try them both together. Pat and Sherrie did just that, and they've never looked back!

The Carib Asian Cookery Book is available now from publisher