The Cabinet of Curiosities
‘Keha Mälu’ Director: Ülo Pikkov [Nukufilm]

The Cabinet of Curiosities

classified 18

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2017


Please note: This was screened in Sept 2017

90 mins

A surreal selection of dark visions, ghostly stories and cautionary tales from the masters of European puppet animation including Jan Švankmajer, Břetislav Pojar and Jiří Barta. This retrospective will send you on a journey with some of central Europe’s most influential puppet filmmakers – and will also send a shiver down your spine.

Not suitable for children.

In this Programme

A Drop Too Much (O Skleničku Víc)

Directed by Bretislav Pojar (with Art Direction by Jiří Trnka)

Directed by Jan Švankmajer

Yuki Onna
Directed by Jiří Barta

Scones (Süti)
Directed by Gyula Nagy

Directed by Marek Skrobecki

The Christmas Ballad
Directed by Michal Zabka

Body Memory (Keha Mälu)
Directed by Ülo Pikkov

The Escape (Ucieczki)
Directed by Jarosław Konopka

This is an accessible event and has little or no spoken word. This is part of Bristol Festival of Puppetry’s new programme to interrogate and develop the diversity agenda for puppetry. Delivered in association with Diverse City and Doing Things Differently, and with support from leading Deaf artist David Ellington and Bristol Physical Access Chain.

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