Women in Puppetry & Puppet Animation
'Don't Think of a Pink Elephant' Director: Suraya Raja [NFTS]

Women in Puppetry & Puppet Animation

classified 18

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2017


Please note: This was screened in Sept 2017

90 mins

2017 has been the year to celebrate women’s contribution to film. This special showcase spotlights the talent of female directors, animators, puppeteers and other filmmaking creatives in front and behind the camera. From alternative leading ladies to female views on sexuality, conflict, relationships and love - this recent short film collection reflects the expertise and experiences of women working in puppetry today.

In this Programme

Don't Think Of A Pink Elephant
Directed by Suraya Raja (2017 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Directed by Evelyn Ross (2016 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Belle & Bamber
Directed by Alex Forbes (2016 | Live Action Puppetry)

Punch's Letters To His Son
Directed by Jenny Dee (2017 | Live Action Puppetry)

A Love Story
Directed by Anushka Kashani Naanayakkara (2016 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Old Man
Directed by Alicia Eisen (2016 | Puppet Stop Motion)

The Owl and the Lemming
Directed by Roselynn Akulukjuk (2016 | Live Action Puppetry)

Directed by Daria Kopiec (2016 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Directed by Izabela Plucinska (2016 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Under the Same Sky
Directed by Sylvia Ziemann (2016 | Live Action Puppetry)

Wolf Eyes
Directed by Katherine Boyer (2016 | Live Action Puppetry)

Boris Noris
Directed by Laura Beth Cowley (2017 | Puppet Stop Motion)

Kathleen's Diary
Directed by Chrystene Ells (2017 | Live Action Puppetry)

Now You See It
Directed by Rebecca Manley (2017 | Live Action Puppetry)

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