Step PG


Fighting the tough realities of their disadvantaged neighbourhood, this hope-filled documentary follows three irrepressible young women at an enlightened Baltimore school as they prepare for college – and rehearse for step dance glory.

Step follows three students at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women over the course of their senior year. Founded in 2009, the school is based on the precept that all of its pupils will go on to attend college. As the inaugural class prepares to graduate, pressures are high for Cori, Blessin, and Tayla, but they are not alone. Counsellor Paula Dofat is determined to help them reach higher education, no matter how much effort or tough love is involved. They also find support and a creative outlet through their school step dance team, the “Lethal Ladies.” With the intrepid Coach G pushing them to excellence, the step team becomes a welcome escape, and together, the women are determined to be a competitive threat during the season ahead.

Moving between practice, home, and school, this emotional film captures the complex struggles in each of these women’s young lives, underscoring just how hard it is to attain your dreams when other forces stand in the way. Optimistically exploring themes of community, sisterhood and the realities of being black and female in contemporary America, this is a joyous and crucially vital portrait of female empowerment.