Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2017

VR 1: Electric Relaxation 15

VR 1: Electric Relaxation
Image: BOSCH VR By John Durrant

From your final hours of this lifetime to soul soothing meditation, this programme explores headspaces in a variety of scenarios… sometimes whilst riding a flying fish.


Songs of the Vine

Dirs: Maira Clancy, Blake Montgomery
Peru/USA 2017
15 mins 27 secs
Virtual Reality

A meditative exploration in virtual reality of the medicine songs, stories and cosmovision of indigenous Shipibo healers working with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

The Last Moments

Dir: Avril Furness
United Kingdom/Switzerland 2016
4 mins 27 secs
Virtual Reality

The Last Moments is a virtual reality film experience that puts the viewer directly in the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas, a dignity in dying organisation in Switzerland. As the laws in the UK are being reviewed, this immersive interactive VR film brings the question ‘Death, is it your right to choose?’ to an audience to decide.

Bosch VR

Dir: John Durrant
United Kingdom 2016
7 mins
Virtual Reality

Made to celebrate the 500th centenary of one the worlds greatest artists – Hieronymus Bosch – a virtual reality trip through The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Hello play! The Future of Music

Dir: Greg Barth
Israel/United Kingdom 2016
3 mins 16 secs
Virtual Reality

The future of music is a one-of-a-kind 360 film that follows Carré Bleu, a fictitiously famous music producer, who can modulate time, space and gravity to create the music of the future.