How Do We Create Child-Friendly Cities?

How Do We Create Child-Friendly Cities?

Festival of the Future City 2017


Please note: This event took place in Oct 2017

150 mins

Allison Dutoit, Alice Ferguson, Tim Gill, Amy Harrison, Ingrid Skeels and Sam Williams

What is a child-friendly city? How does this link to other city visions for healthy, green, resilient, connected and fair places? What policy changes need to be achieved to make cities truly child-friendly? Facilitated by the Bristol Child-Friendly City (BCFC) working group this session brings together a provocation from Room 13 Hareclive children living on the Hartcliffe estate on the edge of south Bristol with contributions from prominent thinkers and practitioners sharing best practice from around the world to identify policy changes and practical action to make places child-friendly.

In association with The Architecture Centre, Bristol Child-Friendly City, Playing Out and Room 13 Hareclive.