On Body and Soul 18 (S)

On Body and Soul

Love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places (a Hungarian slaughterhouse) in this quirky, dreamlike film, winner of the top prize in Berlin and the first in 18 years for writer/director Ildikó Enyedi (My Twentieth Century).

Maria (Alexandra Borbély) is the new quality controller at the abattoir and has mild autism, whilst financial manager Endre (Géza Morcsányi) is suffering with his own personal issues and a dead arm. Work is grim, but when they discover they have been dreaming the same idyllic reoccuring dream (where they wander through snowy forests as deer), things become (naturally) a little more complicated for these two reluctant soul mates.

Perhaps one of the weirdest romances of the year being set as it is in slaughterhouse (we must warn you there are very graphic scenes of the various stages of animal slaughter), it is nonetheless a sweet, beautifully shot tale of love, loneliness, and finding your place in the world.