Kills on Wheels 15 (S)

Kills on Wheels
“It was crucial to me to make a movie about disabled people where they finally aren’t played by actors but get the opportunity to act themselves and be the real heroes.”

Director, Attila Till

Hungarian director Attila Till skilfully blends reality with fantasy, offering a gentle probe into the lives of protagonists living on the edge of society in this highly original, darkly comedic and infectious buddy-movie about a wheelchair-using gang of assassins.

Zoli and Barba are inseparable friends and outcasts. Both physically disabled, they live in a rehabilitation facility where life seems rather aimless. Zoli needs life-saving surgery but doesn’t want his absent father to pay for it. Enter Rupasov, a mysterious wheelchair-using man just out of prison who quickly adopts the two friends and offers them a chance to make some extra money by helping him in his work. That work, however, is murder. Rupasov is a hitman.

A movie with cajones, Till's genre-mashing and surprising film takes us through a new looking glass into a world of assassins with disabilities. Hugely entertaining, it's an action-packed thriller that's distinguished by the equanimity with which it treats its protagonists, who are rarely seen on the silver screen.