Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2017

VR Lates: Together 18

VR Lates: Together

One of VR’s most exciting qualities is its powerful ability to foster feelings of intimacy. In her Together strand, guest curator Catherine Allen sets out to reclaim intimacy in VR from commercial VR porn’s male gaze. Experience work at the cutting edge of VR culture that takes you through different stages of a relationship. In curating Together Catherine sets out to demonstrate what VR is capable of in terms of showing the nuances of human relationships, sensuality and sexuality.


Keyed Alike

Dir: Chloe Thomas
United Kingdom
7 mins 20 secs

By London riverside railings covered in love locks, two very different women meet by chance. They argue and tease each other about the nature of first love; lasting or fleeting? They don’t seem to see us as we watch this intimate encounter. We are exposed, outside but invisible, as they move around us.

Surprise piece: an exclusive preview, including adult themes


Dirs: MAP Design Lab and Helios Dance company
United States
4 mins 20 secs