Unrest 12A Sold Out


Jennifer Brea’s Unrest is an unflinching first person documentary about ME-CFS (myalgic encephalopathy or chronic fatigue syndrome) and the devastating effects it wrecks on the human body. Opening with grainy camera footage as Brea pulls her limp body onto her bed, the film charts both her personal struggle with the disease and its complicated and misunderstood history.

Director Jennifer Brea was a journalist and academic studying for a PhD at Harvard when, months before her wedding, she became progressively ill, losing the ability to even sit in a wheelchair. When told by doctors it was “all in her head,” her response was to start filming from her bed, gradually collaborating with film crews in the UK and around the globe to shed light on the world inhabited by millions of patients that medicine forgot.

Producer Lindsey Dryden will introduce the screening and will be joined by Pervasive Media Studio Managing Producer Verity McIntosh for a Q&A.

Find out more about Unrest VR - a Virtual Reality expansion piece to Jennifer Brea’s feature documentary of the same name also happening on Sun 22 Oct.