Suburbicon 15


George Clooney is back in the director's chair for a wildly entertaining, deliciously dark satire co-scripted by the Coen Brothers set in 1957 that is unsettlingly pertinent to the present day.

Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) is a family man who lives with not one but two Julianne Moores (his wife and her twin) and his son in the seemingly idyllic Suburbicon, a place where everyone lives peacefully and happily (erm… as long as they’re white). However, when an African-American move in and the Lodges experience a home invasion, unrest starts to spread throughout the community.. cue blackmail, mob intimidation, riots, murders and insurance inspectors (Oscar Isaac is particularly on form here).

It’s an absolute blast yet still has some interesting things to say (or not - be your own judge) about racism and white privilege and American life in 2017 - its themes couldn’t be more timely - or troubling.