More Than Miyazaki - Japanese Anime Season

Perfect Blue 18 (S)

Perfect Blue
“Satoshi Kon.. A true original whose films probed at the edges of reality and delineated with frightening accuracy the impact of a technological society on the human psyche. Without his work, Neo might never have taken the red pill, and the post-Matrix rash of Hollywood films dealing with subjective reality – Fight Club, Inception, Requiem for a Dream – might never have tumbled down the rabbit-hole and on to our screens.” – Dazed and Confused

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, this psychological thriller of a singer-turned-actress stalked by an obsessive fan still unsettles and intrigues two decades since its original release. Leaving the world of music behind her, Mima begins life as an actress on a crime drama. When offered a lead role in the show as a rape victim, she accepts, but the backlash from her fans over her career change and a strange website called 'Mima's Room' written by a fake Mima begin to worry her. When a stalker appears and a people involved in the drama begin turning up dead, with all the evidence pointing to her, Mima is thrown into a state of confusion, madness, and paranoia....

Followed by a Q&A with Jasper Sharp, freelance curator and writer specialising in Japanese cinema.