The Prince of Nothingwood

classified 15 S

Please note: This was screened in Dec 2017

Sonia Kronlund
Qurban Ali, Sonia Kronlund, Salim Shaheen
86 mins, Subtitled, 2017, France | Germany

Sonia Kronlund's fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the life and work of Salim Shaheen, the Ed Wood of Afghanistan, a one-man actor/director/producer who is about to embark on his 111th production - the story of his life.

A force of nature, Shaheen has managed to make films despite his country's ongoing war and past conflicts. Keenly aware of the power of performance (he was the only member of his army unit to survive the 1982 Soviet-Afghan war by playing dead amongst corpses), he uses his charisma and confidence to fuel his productions. Here Kronlund follows the self-proclaimed 'Prince of Nothingwood' around the country as he works on his latest project - a film about his escapades.

Bolstered by a cast of warm, flamboyant characters, this is an intriguing and infectious love letter to filmmaking - and the desire to pursue your dreams, whatever it takes...