Wonderful You
Image from Wonderful You by BDH Immersive

Wonderful You Sold Out

Limina VR Weekender


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2017

Created by Bristol-based VR pioneers BDH Immersive, Wonderful You is a virtual reality journey through the strange world of your developing senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell - learn how we develop our senses, and meet your unborn self.

Journey through your epic first 9 months of life in your mother’s womb. As you grow from a tiny cluster of cells to a fully formed baby, the five senses that will shape your destiny develop and form, connecting you to the world around you. Safe in the womb, you hear music in your dreams, you taste what your mother eats, you see sunlight and colour, your hands grasp what they touch.

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Samantha Morton with original music composed by Timo Baker, Wonderful You takes you back to a time and a place all of us have visited, but none of us can remember.

  • The Wonderful You session is approximately one hour long and includes the VR experience followed by a post-show discussion with Catherine Allen, curator of The Limina VR Weekender.
  • Tickets: £12:00 full / £10:00 concessions / 24 and under. You can buy tickets to a single session, each of which will feature two or three VR experiences exploring a particular theme. Get a 10% discount on the total if you book for two or more sessions.
  • Please read our Guidelines and FAQs about taking part in a Virtual Reality session at Watershed.