Fantasy and Surrealism
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Limina VR Weekender


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2017

Sit back, relax and let these three surreal trips wash over you as you discover some of the latest work from a selection of the world’s most creative VR studios.

Magritte VR

By: BDH Immersive | UK, Bristol

A journey through the work of Rene Magritte, one of history’s most preeminent surrealist artists, The experience takes you through his iconic landscapes and climaxes in celebration of his love, his muse and greatest inspiration of his life – fellow artist Georgette Berger.

Nairobi Berries

Dir: Ng’endo Mukii, Kenya

An otherworldly symphony for Kenya’s capital plunges you into what feels like experiencing other people’s dreams as our own. Two women and a man wrangle with each other. Each must hollow out the other's core for fruits promised, but only ever borne in dreams.


By: HelloEnjoy and N’to, France, UK

Described by Road to VR as “An infectiously cool ride through mind-bending geometry”, Fantasynth is an audio-reactive experience designed for Virtual Reality. Glide through a procedurally populated environment that comes alight with the music, featuring the song Chez Nous by N’to.

  • The Fantasy and Surrealism session is approximately one hour long and includes a selection of VR experiences followed by a post-show discussion with Catherine Allen, curator of The Limina VR Weekender.
  • Tickets: £12:00 full / £10:00 concessions / 24 and under. You can buy tickets to a single session, each of which will feature two or three VR experiences exploring a particular theme. Get a 10% discount on the total if you book for two or more sessions.
  • Please read our Guidelines and FAQs about taking part in a Virtual Reality session at Watershed.