Her Night of Romance

Her Night of Romance 18 (CTBA)

Slapstick 2018


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2018

Sidney Franklin
Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Jean Hersholt
70 mins, 1924, USA

Slapstick Festival favourite Constance Talmadge proved herself an actor of impeccable comic timing alongside silent star Ronald Colman in this funny and charming film that’s one of the more sparkling romantic comedies of the silent era.

American Dorothy Adams (Constance Talmadge) is the sole heiress to her father’s scrub brush fortune but she has no intention of being romanced for her wealth after she arrives in London. So, although, when an impoverished British Lord, Paul Menford (Ronald Colman), impersonating a doctor in order to woo the heiress finds himself in love, he runs into trouble when his business associate Joe Diamond (Jean Hersholt) is only interested in Dorothy's money.

The Talmadge sisters were huge stars during the silent era but, for the most part, decided to retire from films once the talkies arrived. Norma Talmadge specialised in tragedy. Middle sister Natalie’s career never really took off and she is best remembered for her tumultuous marriage to Buster Keaton. But it is Constance, the little clown who specialised in zany comedies and who had a great gift for physical comedy, that is on uproarious display in this forgotten gem.

With an introduction by stand- up comedian Lucy Porter and live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney.