Lost and Found
Andre Deed

Lost and Found

Slapstick 2018


Please note: This event took place in Jan 2018

75 mins

Presented by collector Anthony Saffrey and historian David Robinson, Slapstick is privileged to premiere an unprecedented group of star comedies just rediscovered after a century in limbo - including the premiere of the freshly completed and restored Stan Laurel short – DETAINED (1924). This screening will be the first in a cinema anywhere outside of a couple of specialist showings in the Dutch city where the ‘lost’ sequences were discovered on nitrate.

The collector Anthony Saffrey will be presenting four films: two hitherto unknown titles by cinema’s first comic star André Deed, along with The Lady Skater, a near prehistoric but hilarious British chase film, and Love and Lunch, an early film by William A. Seiter - later director of Skinner's Dress Suit (also screening at this year’s festival) starring an unrecorded Chaplin imitator, Ray Hughes.

They’ll also be the opportunity to see works by Spanish/Italian/US comic star Marcel Perez and German genius Karl Valentin. Plus the chance to see a new film by French comedian Max Linder, courtesy of Cinematheque Francaise.

With live musical accompaniment by Daan Van den Hurk on piano and Elizabeth-Jane Baldry on Solo harp.