Skinner's Dress Suit

Skinner's Dress Suit PG

Slapstick 2018


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2018

William A. Seiter
Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante, Ben Hendricks Jr.
70 mins, 1926, USA

Laura La Plante and Reginald Denny play a couple hoping to raise their living standards in this perfectly delightful domestic comedy.

Honey Skinner (Laura La Plante) is proud of her successful husband (Reginald Denny) and excited by his career prospects. When he tells her he’s going to ask for a raise she knows he’ll get it and starts making plans for spending the extra money. Plans fall through however and when Honey’s husband loses his job and he’s too embarrassed to tell her. Meanwhile a new suit has been bought and its tailor is in pursuit of payment, whilst Honey continues to spend the salary her husband doesn't have.

Featuring Laura La Plante, a well-known star at the time who almost always received top billing, and also Hedda Hopper who later made her name as one of the entertainment industry’s most famous gossip columnists, don't miss this rare chance to rediscover one of the most enjoyable films of the silent era.

With an introduction by film Historian and Academy Award winner Kevin Brownlow and live piano accompaniment by Daan van den Hurk