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Three Ages U

Three Ages
“Love is the unchanging axis on which the world revolves” – Buster Keaton

A comedy classic, this is the first feature length film to be directed by and star Buster Keaton – his previous films all being shorts.

A parody of D.W. Griffith’s 1916 masterpiece Intolerance, the comedy lies in watching the same story unfold again and again over different periods in history. Set over three different historical eras; the Stone Age, Roman times and 1920s New York in all of these periods Keaton stars as a young man, The Boy, striving for the attention of a beautiful lady, The Girl, (Margaret Leahy) against a bigger, stronger and richer suitor, The Villain (Wallace Beery), with hilarious results.

A landmark film in Keaton’s development as a filmmaker, Three Ages proved a great learning experience for Keaton that hinted at greater things to come.

With an introduction by Peter Lord, director and co-founder of Aardman Animations and featuring live piano accompaniment by Daan Van den Hurk.