Preview: A Fantastic Woman

classified 15 S

Please note: This was screened in Feb 2018

Sebastián Lelio
Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco
104 mins, Subtitled, 2017, Chile | Germany | Spain | USA

Chilean director Sebastián Lelio follows up his 2013 hit Gloria with this luminous and life-affirming gem about a young transgender woman struggling to live with her own grief - and the prejudice she suffers - after the death of her lover.

When her older lover dies one night, Marina (Daniela Vega in a knockout performance) is left shaken. The aftermath, however, is even worse: instead of being able to mourn, she is treated with suspicion by the police, spoken to like a criminal, and forced to deal with the callous (and violent) reactions of her dead partner's family. Marina is a trans woman and her sexual identity is seen as an abberation, a perversion - so she struggles for the right to be herself - a truly complex, strong, and fantastic woman...

A beautifully compassionate and tender look at the everyday obstacles of trans existence, A Fantastic Woman is a powerful, touching film. We would love to see Daniela Vega be the first trans actress to pick up a major acting award - let's see what happens...

Presented in partnership with Queer Vision, the Bristol Pride Film Festival.