Making Star Light, Star Bright: How do you map stars onto a city?

Making Star Light, Star Bright: How do you map stars onto a city?

Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio


Please note: This event took place in Feb 2018

Lunchtime Talks are a series of informal presentations at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio. They normally take place at 13:00 on a Friday, are free and are open to everybody who is interested in what they do. Come along, bring a sandwich, and get to know more about the Studio community, current and up-coming projects, or residents' work.

Imagine if the stars shone just for you.

Star Light, Star Bright maps the 7 star constellations that are visible above Oxford in January and February. With each star represented as individual, step activated lights, people work together to turn on a whole constellation. The constellations will be in 7 locations across the city. Winner of the Smart Oxford Playable City Commission 2017, this city-wide intervention brings life to dark winter streets, connecting strangers for a shared moment of discovery and wonder. Star Light, Star Bright creates colourful star maps for Oxford’s night sky - helping us find the starlight, shining bright.

In this Lunchtime Talk Laura Kriefman founder of Hellion Trace will be with us to talk about Star Light, Star Bright and Hellion Trace’s processes and lessons learnt for creating this new city wide interactive installation for Oxford.

The Pervasive Media Studio is located within the Watershed building. Let us know if you'd like a tour and we'll be happy to show you around. Send an email to