Millennium Constellations

Millennium Constellations

Layered Realities Weekend 5G Showcase


Please note: This event took place in March 2018

A spectacular audiovisual interactive piece by Joanie Lemercier

Concept and creation: Joanie Lemercier
Music creation: Paul Jebanasam
Sound design: Echoic Audio
Production: Juliette Bibasse

All of the 5G events will take place as planned today (apart from the 12:00 From the light of the fire and the 22:00 Millennium Constellations). We've moved the Box Office into the foyer of We The Curious and Millennium Square is gritted. Wrap up warm!

This fantastic spectacle of 3D-like visuals, projected onto a screen of water, explores the way technology modifies our perception of the world. As night falls join a future civilisation that has the ability to travel to the stars through constellations into the cosmos.

Joanie Lemercier invites you to take a journey from Millennium Square into the heart of a black hole and back out again. Just imagine moving between time and different galaxies, discovering new planets and contemplating your place within the universe.

Joanie Lemercier, who was previously resident in the Pervasive Media Studio with collective AntiVJ, creates extraordinary projected light pieces in galleries and public spaces all around the world.

Weather advice

  • Please note this event takes places outdoors in Millennium Square with no shelter. Please dress for the weather.