Four Sold Out


Please note: This event took place in May 2018

Jasmine Creusson
45 mins

Four stories. Four dishes. One unique dining experience.

Join Jasmine Creusson, chef, visual artist, and Pervasive Media Studio resident, for the second edition of her critically acclaimed immersive dining event which combines installation, projection, live performance and storytelling with delicious, freshly prepared food.

Jasmine's menu has been crafted using several participants' food tales, which will be shared through film, sound or live storytelling whilst diners are invited to eat the dish that complements their story.

So come and experience - and taste! - a story about leaving the rat race to grow your own food (Claire Naisbitt), an honest account about a life-long struggle with cheese addiction (Jen Mitchell), a life journey with plenty of worldly influences (Kate Miller-Jones), and live pasta making with a story about Sardinian roots (Daniel Saville).

Jasmine Creusson is a visual artist and chef. After growing up in rural France learning how to live off the land, she has worked for many years in some of the UK's best restaurants. A performer, with a multi-disciplinary background, FOUR is her exciting first step into the world of artistic food creation.