About A Badly Drawn Boy + Director Q&A
About A Badly Drawn Boy + Director Q&A

About A Badly Drawn Boy + Director Q&A 18

Doc'n Roll Festival


Please note: This was screened in June 2018

Craig McNeil
105 mins, 2017, UK

This in-depth documentary all about musician Damon Gough (AKA Badly Drawn Boy) looks at the legacy of his iconic and Mercury Prize winning album The Hour of Bewilderbeast, eighteen years after its original release in 2000.

Examining Gough's musical upbringing, the mix tape cassettes his mother made him, the first record he bought and the first concert he attended, the story reveals Damon's first meeting his future creative collaborator and business partner Andy Votel, who together went on to found the influential record label Twisted Nerve in Manchester in the late 1990’s. Featuring exclusive interviews with Damon and acoustic performances, alongside previously unseen archive footage, this engaging documentary reveals the influences Damon brought to the recording of this landmark album, the songwriting process and stories behind the songs, as well as the ideas behind the creation of the album's iconic artwork.

Followed by a Q&A with director Craig McNeil.