Freak Show
Freak Show

Freak Show 12A

Queer Vision 2018


Please note: This was screened in June 2018

Trudie Styler
Abigail Breslin, AnnaSophia Robb, Alex Lawther
91 mins, 2018, USA

Based on the award-winning cult novel by legendary club kid James St. James, Freak Show is a wonderfully queer fish out of water high school comedy/drama about a gay teen who decides to enter a Homecoming Queen contest.

Born to be fierce and fashion-forward, Billy (Alex Lawther) is sent to stay with his dad after his party-loving mother (Bette Midler!) checks in to rehab. His flamboyant Oscar Wilde-meets-Boy George style doesn't go down too well at his new school, and he makes an enemy out of the self-appointed mean girl (Abigail Breslin) when he decides to go up against her for the crown of Homecoming Queen.

Boasting a brilliant soundtrack, jaw-dropping outfits and a feel-good story, this defiant coming of age tale is rally cry for letting your freak flag fly. All hail to everyone who dares to be different!