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Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever

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Summer of Spike


Please note: This was screened in Aug 2018

Spike Lee
Wesley Snipes,  Annabella Sciorra,  Spike Lee,  Ossie Davis,  Samuel L. Jackson,  John Turturro
126 mins, 1991, USA
Primary language

A successful African-American architect embarks on a perilous affair with an Italian-American secretary causing tension and turmoil in their respective communities in Spike Lee's captivating take on interracial romance.

When Flipper (Wesley Snipes), a married, African-American architect in a white firm, has an affair with Angie (Annabella Sciorra), an Italian-American secretary from Bensonhurst, the fallout from their liaison is devastating. Kicked out by his wife, Flipper decides to begin courting Angie, only to be greeted by disapproval from friends, family and strangers alike. With their relationship becoming a strain on a society not ready to accept it, love, family life, work, and religion all find themselves ravaged by the ensuing divisiveness.

With a wonderfully nuanced performance by Wesley Snipes in the lead and an unforgettable soundtrack by Stevie Wonder, Jungle Fever remains a disturbing look at the racial, gender, class, and social tensions in urban America.