Jacquot de Nantes

Jacquot de Nantes PG S

Gleaning Truths: Agnès Varda


Please note: This was screened in Aug 2018

Agnes Varda
Philippe Maron, Laurent Monnier, Edourad Joubeaud,
114 mins, Subtitled, 1991, France
Primary language:

This was to be the first of Varda's three films which celebrated her late husband, French filmmaker Jacques Demy, and told the story of a child and his obsession of pursuing his dream to become a filmmaker: buying his first camera, shooting his first amateur film, and embarking on a career...

With her signature style of mixing fiction with documentary, Varda beautifully reconstructs Demy’s adolescence and his love of theatre and cinema, using his memoirs as reference. Initiated during Demy’s last year of life and released after his death, Jacquot de Nantes is a touching portrait of a talented filmmaker-in-the-making.