I Made This For You + Q&A

I Made This For You + Q&A

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Please note: This was screened in Oct 2018

Cristian Solimeno
Kaleem Aftab, Brett Allen, Ken Cave
90 mins, 2018, UK
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“In the UK and Ireland more than 125 people will commit suicide this week”

So opens this moving documentary within a film which is full of all kinds of love – in which we meet Al (Gary Grant) alone, isolated and suicidal. His friend Daniel (writer/director Cristian Solimeno) has been trying to reach out to him. Daniel slides a DVD under Al’s door - “I Made This For You” handwritten across its front - and Al sits down to watch the video, which plays out in real time with cutaways to his silent responses to what he is watching - a compilation of to-camera interviews with the different people who love him: including his friends from school and university, his father, his ex-girlfriends and ex-almost-girlfriends, his teachers and co-workers and flatmates.

As he listens to all these people share anecdotes and try to describe their feelings about someone who has them all very worried Al begins to see himself through their eyes. I Made This For You is a last-ditch love letter, all at once sensitive, distressing and uplifting – an ode to friendship and connection which is brought to life by the cast’s brilliant improvisations about real people they knew who had committed suicide or they were worried about. The resulting film is both important and overwhelming, capturing one version of a lost soul.

Presented in partnership with Freedom of Mind

Followed by a Q&A with director Cristian Solimeno.