The Real T Rex with Chris Packham + Q&A

The Real T Rex with Chris Packham + Q&A U

Wildscreen Festival


Please note: This was screened in Oct 2018

79 mins
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Naturalist and T.rex enthusiast Chris Packham uses ground-breaking studies of dinosaur bones, skin, teeth and musculature, together with reconstructions of T.rex's incredible brain and the latest CGI technology to redefine our understanding of this iconic dinosaur after years of scientific inaccuracy and Hollywood misrepresentation. Travelling the globe to hear from international experts, the program uncovers ground-breaking insights into not only what T-Rex looked like but also its behaviour - exposing the real beast behind the myth. With both a new understanding of palaeontology and zoology, and trailblazing technology, 'The Real T.rex' creates the most accurate CGI representation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex ever produced.

Nominated for: Presenter Award

Followed by a Q&A with producers Martin Williams, Ruth Roberts and Ulla Streib.