Silas + Awa and the Shea Trees

Silas + Awa and the Shea Trees PG

Afrika Eye 2018


Please note: This was screened in Nov 2018

Hawa Essuman, Anjali Nayar
Silas Siakor
90 mins, 2017, Canada/South Africa/Kenya
Primary language:
English/Liberian English

When the rights to almost a quarter of Liberia’s land are signed away to multinational corporations, activist Silas Siakor and a network of dedicated citizen reporters respond with swift action.

Armed with mobile phone cameras, Silas and his team travel from village to village and into the depths of the Liberian rainforest, working with local communities to document the government-approved pillaging of Liberia’s natural resources. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is keen to use the country’s many resources to build Liberia’s post-war economy and invites companies from China and the West to invest. But in rural Liberia, communities are protesting, and the battle for accountability gains momentum. Silas is an inspiring human rights documentary, celebrating the true power of individuals to fight the immense power of money and politics.

Screening with

Awa and the Shea Trees

Dir: Vianet Djenguet / 2018 / Burkina Faso / 9 mins

This short film by TREE AID follows women working in shea butter production in Burkina Faso, as they tell of the importance of trees in their communities. We are delighted to be joined by TREE AID and director Vianet Djenguet for the first public screening of this documentary.